Standard range of wooden doors

- Aug 04, 2018 -


This standard specifies the classification, specifications, code, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of wooden doors.

reference materials

The terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard by reference to this standard. For dated references, subsequent Amendments (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents are available. . For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard.

GB/T 5825 - 1986 Building door and window fan opening and closing direction and switch face markings.

GB/T 5824 - 1986 Building door and window opening size series.

GB 50210 - 2001 Specification for quality acceptance of building renovation works.

GB/T 11718-1999 medium density fiberboard.

GB/T 4897-2003 particle board.

GB/T 9846.1~9846.8 - 2004 plywood.

GB 18580 - 2001 Interior decoration materials The release limit of formaldehyde in wood-based panels and their products.

GB 18583 - 2001 Limits of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials.

GB 18581 - 2001 Interior decoration materials Limits of harmful substances in solvent-based wood coatings.

GB/T 1931 - 1992 Method for determination of moisture content of wood.

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