Stainless steel wire drawing quality standard

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Quality Standard

1. All components should be accurately cut, and the allowable deviation of the length of the components is 1mm.

2. The component must be checked for straightness before it is cut, otherwise it must be straightened.

3. When welding, the welding rod or welding wire should be of a variety suitable for the materials to be welded, and there should be a factory certificate.

4. The position where the components must be placed during welding is accurate.

5. The solder joint between the components should be firm when welding, the weld should be full, the welding wave on the surface of the weld should be uniform, and there should be no undercut, unwelded, crack, dross, weld, burn through, arc scratch, Defects such as arc pits and needle-shaped pores, and there shall be no spatter in the weld zone.

6. After the welding is completed, the welding slag should be knocked out.

7. After the assembly of the components is completed, the hand tools should be used for smoothing and polishing to make the appearance smooth and smooth.

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