Stainless steel wire drawing board should pay attention to the quality problem

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Quality issues that should be noted

1. Dimensions exceed the allowable deviation: For the weld length, width, width, thickness, center line offset, bending and other deviations, the relative position and size of the welded part should be strictly controlled.

2, weld crack: In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, should choose the appropriate welding process parameters and welding procedures, to avoid the use of large currents, do not suddenly extinguish, weld joints should be overlapped 10 ~ 15mm, welding is not allowed to move, tap Weldment.

3, surface pores: the welding parts must be cleaned, select the appropriate welding current during the welding process, reduce the welding speed, so that the gas in the molten pool completely escapes.

Stainless steel wire drawing boards are often used in kitchen and bathroom hardcover, high-grade electrical panels and so on.

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