Stainless steel door welding transport should pay attention to 5 points

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Compared to ordinary iron or steel composite anti-theft door, KTV club stainless steel door in addition to a long-lasting color, not easy to rust. We have to pay attention to the following points during welding transportation:

    1. After the surface treatment of stainless steel ktv door is completed, attention should be paid to the protection of finished products to avoid the touch of personnel and avoid secondary pollution by oil, dust and the like.

    2. When the stainless steel door is blanked, the plate should be cut or plasma cut; the pipe and other profiles should be plasma cut or sawed. Rubber-like cushions should be laid during shearing to avoid damage to the stainless steel door surface; after plasma cutting, the cutting slag should be cleaned in time; when sawing, the clamping should be protected by padding. Clean the oil, residue and so on at the sawing site after sawing.

    3, stainless steel ktv door processing site should be relatively stable, the work table should be padded with rubber sheet cushions, so as not to damage the stainless steel door surface.

    4, before installing the welding, must clean up its surface oil, dust and other debris. TIG welding should be used as much as possible. If manual arc welding is used, quick current welding with a small current is applied, and arcing in non-welded areas is strictly prohibited. The ground wire used should be selected in a suitable location and connected firmly so as to avoid excessive burn of the arc surface or burned area; anti-splash measures should be taken when welding. After welding, when welding slag is cleaned, use a stainless steel flat spatula. Do not use carbon steel flat spatula.

    5. After the stainless steel door is welded, the surface should be cleaned in time.

    6. Whether it is stainless steel door raw materials or processed parts during transportation, loading and unloading, special hoisting transport tools should be used to avoid contact between stainless steel ktv door and steel wire rope or other hard carbon steel to avoid bumping and scratching the surface. .

   It is important to avoid scratches on the stainless steel surface, as scratches actually destroy the protective layer on the stainless steel surface, making it more susceptible to corrosion and rust, and it needs to be protected for durability.

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