Soft door features

- Jul 22, 2018 -

1. [Fresh]: The whole set of door body realizes the "soft body" effect, surpassing the traditional wooden door to lead the new indoor fashion trend, especially suitable for the indoor environment of the northern city;

2. [DIY]: Fine workmanship, extraordinary design, DIY effect of two doors and two heavens, let the different rooms carried by the soft door shine each other;

3. [Safety]: No longer have to worry about children and old people accidentally colliding with traditional wooden doors and being injured;

4. [Warm]: soft visual effect, soft hand feeling, soft texture, so that the overall warmth of the room has improved a grade, while effectively improving the use rate of air conditioning, heating and geothermal in the room up to 10%;

5. [grade]: luxurious and exquisite appearance, bold and avant-garde design, simple and fashionable concept allows you to feel the enjoyment of five-star hotels and high-end private clubs at home, unlimited value;

6. [Environmental protection]: The basic functions of no glue, no paint, flame retardant and moisture proof completely guarantee the requirements of green environmental protection. After renovation, no ventilation is required, and you can use it with confidence. [Highlight soft door. Applicable] medium and high-end family indoors, hotels, hotels, KTV, night clubs, beauty salons, kindergartens, private clubs, offices, conference rooms, etc.

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