Roman string gate marking method

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1, measuring line:

First, find the vertical and horizontal axis of the hall part according to the construction plan, according to the position of the drawing

Measure and position the center of the Roman column. Draw the outline of the Roman column on the ground according to the diameter of the Roman column. Then find the outline of the internal keel and mark it.

2, the bottom of the embedded steel skeleton installation

According to the measurement of the size of the pay line, the buried plate is installed on the ground, and the channel steel is welded to the buried plate according to the position of the keel, and is fully welded and subjected to anti-rust treatment. Then civil engineering units mold concrete.

3, the main keel installation

Main keel installation shall be performed after the strength of the civil engineering concrete meets the requirements. According to the position of the pay-off line, the channel steel is spot-welded on the pre-embedded steel frame, taking into account the thermal expansion and contraction of the steel, and the top is made of hot-dip galvanized square steel as a fixed. The middle part adopts channel steel to connect the support columns to strengthen the stability of the column.

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