Pros and cons of the original wooden door

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Pros and cons of the original wooden door

Good and bad indicators

(The effect of paint on the pros and cons of wooden doors)


The wooden door is a product processed through multiple links and multiple processes. Each processing technology is very important, which determines the beauty and service life of the wooden door. For example, scientific processing of wood. The selection of the paint process is the most important part of the wooden door making process. It is the root of the value of the wooden door. There is no suitable process to match the appearance of the wood value. The value of the wooden door is not reflected. Generally speaking, the American painting, European style The antique process such as painting needs more than a dozen or even more than 20 steps to complete. If the wooden door sill of this painting process has passed through the centuries, it has a high artistic appreciation and collection value, so the paint process is the indicator of the quality of the wooden door. The first influencing factor.


On the basis of the same production process, the better the quality of the selected paint, the better the performance of the paint film, and the construction effect is easy to reflect. For example, under the same daylight exposure conditions, the bright yellow white paint with good yellowing resistance is better than the ordinary white paint; under the same paint film appearance, the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of wear-resistant matte clear The injury is much better than the ordinary matte clear. The high requirements for the paint film effect of wooden door products are not only the requirements of fine products, but also the embodiment of art culture. Because the quality of paint film determines the performance of the process effect, it affects the artistic charm and cultural connotation of wooden doors.


Different wooden door quality requirements determine the performance positioning and selection of paints. For example, outdoor wooden doors have higher requirements on yellowing resistance, adhesion and weather resistance of paint films, so the performance requirements of paints in these aspects are more stringent; indoor wooden door requirements The leveling is good, the paint film is full and thick, so the paint requires special advantages in leveling, hand feeling and fullness. If the construction process and quality requirements of the paint are the performance of the cultural and artistic value of the wooden door products, then the performance choice of the paint is the specific requirement of the actual function of the wooden door products.

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