Paint door manufacturing process

- Jul 20, 2018 -

1. The substrate is a medium density board, the substrate is made of 18 mm medium density board, and the white melamine paper is double-sidedly attached;

2. Performing boring and milling for the door type selected by the customer;

3. After the boring and milling, finish the sealing paint in the bottom part;

4. Polish and spray a white primer;

5, 2 times of polishing for coloring;

6. Repeat 8-9 grinding and polishing;

7. Finally, a spray of varnish should be carried out;

8, water grinding;

9. Polishing with polishing wax;

10. If the process is covered, the adhesion of the paint film is very strong, it is not easy to fall off and the paint film is full;

11, fixed packaging.

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