KTV door daily operation check to consider many aspects

- Jun 28, 2018 -

KTV door after installation should pay attention to check every detail, every aspect must be taken into account, mainly includes six aspects, the following look in detail:

      1. The personnel moves from the door or inside the door to the KTV door at a normal speed. The KTV door should be opened automatically. The movement of the KTV door should be smooth and there should be no collision.

      2. After the KTV door is opened, the KTV door should be kept open when the person slowly passes through the KTV door at a speed of about 150mm-200mm per second.

      3. When the personnel leave the sensing area of the KTV door sensor, the KTV door will automatically close after a delay of 1-10 seconds. The movement of the KTV door should be smooth and there is no collision.

      4. Observers normally walk through the KTV gate. They need to adjust the daily walking route so that the person is facing the KTV door instead of walking toward the KTV door at a certain angle.

      5, when walking toward the KTV door, the sensing width of the KTV door sensor should be greater than the width of the door fully open;

      6. If the KTV door is equipped with an auxiliary light sensor, the person stands still when the door is open, and the auxiliary light sensor is blocked by hand. The door should remain open. The door should be closed again within a few seconds of the hand leaving.

      Only by checking the day-to-day running of the KTV door, can we ensure the normal use in the later period, fewer failures, and better KTV door life.

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