Introduction to the paint door

- Jul 20, 2018 -

The paint door, that is, the paint door panel after painting and heating and drying process. The utility model has the advantages of bright color, strong visual impact, good surface smoothness, easy scrubbing and good moisture resistance. The paint door is mostly made of a MDF.

The back of the paint door is melamine, the process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high. The types of high-grade PU paint doors are divided into piano paint and metal (car) paint, and metal paint is better than piano paint.

Because the quality of the paint used on the surface is difficult to distinguish, if you call yourself a high-grade PU (polyester) paint, and the price is very low, you can judge that it is almost impossible to use high-grade environmentally friendly paint. When choosing a paint door, don't be confused by the temporary surface brightness. When you have experienced the low-grade paint door, you will find that under the pollution of the fume, the color may fade after a short period of time.

The base of the paint door is a MDF, and the surface is baked at a high temperature by eight spray-painted imported paints (three bottoms, three sides, two lights). That is, after painting, the paint is processed by the drying oven to heat the dried door panel. The paint board is characterized by bright color and easy shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-pollution ability and easy to clean. The disadvantages are high technical level and high rejection rate, so the price is high; the use should be carefully taken care of, relatively afraid of bumps and scratches, once it is damaged, it is difficult to repair, and should be replaced as a whole; it is more suitable for appearance and quality requirements. High, young and high-end consumers who are pursuing fashion.

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