Introduction to solid wood composite door

- Aug 01, 2018 -

In the solid wood composite door, the common wood finger joint material is used as the base material, which functions as a structural connection and a frame to improve the resistance to deformation; the wood texture is highly decorative, and the thin wood made of precious tree species is used as the surface decoration material of the door. It can truly reflect the characteristics of wood; the wood-based panels used are mainly MDF, which has uniform material and good milling performance, and can be used as a modeling member. Therefore, the solid wood composite door makes full use of the excellent characteristics of various materials, avoids the use of precious wood with high cost, and effectively reduces the production cost without reducing the use of the door and the decorative performance. In addition to good visual effects, it is also accepted by people with its characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, high strength and durability.

The new set of solid wood composite door is composed of three parts: door leaf, door cover and door sleeve line. This structure makes the wooden door style change variously, and solves the problems of easy deformation and cracking of the solid wood door. The complete set of solid wood composite doors are factory-made, which is quick and easy to install, avoiding the air and noise pollution caused by the painting on the construction site.

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