Introduction of stainless steel openwork carved screen

- Jul 29, 2018 -

A kind of furniture used for windshield in ancient buildings, stainless steel processing company specializes in stainless steel hollow screen manufacturers - making stainless steel hollow screen plating screen products processing, screen technology: all welded joints ensure flat, seams to ensure no gaps.

The outer frame is bent and the grid is welded to the surface. A stainless steel lattice door is welded to the outer frame. The other side of the stainless steel lattice door is fixed by screws, and the color is plated after being finished, but the process can be guaranteed to be uniform and there is no color difference. It retains the excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, and has a colorful and beautiful color. It adds a pleasing aesthetic to the stainless steel of this color. At the same time, it also has superior corrosion resistance to the substrate. The stainless steel screen cuts off its product function. Flexible, easy to use, elegant and elegant, simple and elegant, it is the ideal equipment for decoration and use.


It is mainly used in places where privacy is required. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, business office buildings, dressing rooms, lounges and other places. It is the winning product of China's hotel standardization construction.

Stainless steel screen partition introduction:

1, stainless steel screen, also known as the lattice, cut off

2, stainless steel screen material: 201,304

3, stainless steel screen surface effect: mirror and brushed surface

4, stainless steel screen process: spot welding or full welding

5, stainless steel screen color: vacuum plating processing, rose gold, bronze, champagne gold, titanium, black titanium, rose red, red bronze, brown, green bronze and so on.

6, stainless steel screen packaging: foam paper wooden box packaging

7, stainless steel screen transport mode: motor transport is more cost-effective, size can be selected within 2 meters.

8, stainless steel screen use places: high-end star hotel lobby decoration, clubhouse overall decoration, KTV, bar, bath center, specialty stores, beauty salons, cinema stainless steel, stainless steel hollow carved screen how? Various places such as villas.

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