How to solve the box lock

- Jun 27, 2018 -

KTV box doors are generally with locks, if there is no open situation is a great impact on customer use, how to solve this?

A. Put the broken pencil shavings into the keyhole, and then insert the key into the keyhole slowly and reciprocate several times. Turn the key to open the KTV box door.

B. Use soybean oil or sesame oil to instill in the keyhole. At the same time, stick the key with a few drops of oil. Insert the keyhole slowly and reciprocate several times, and then turn the key to open it.

C. After the lock is turned on, apply a few drops of oil in time. Wipe again with a dry cloth and take care of it. If you ask for insurance, the next time you do not want to trouble, you must replace the rusted KTV door lock.

If KTV box locks cannot be opened, it will affect the use, and it will also affect the influence of KTV. Therefore, it must be resolved in time.

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