How to fix the glass on the coffee table

- Jul 06, 2018 -

How is the glass on the coffee table fixed? Xiaobian recently started a coffee table and gave the coffee table a glass. Then Xiaobian will share the method of fixing the glass on the coffee table, hoping to help everyone!

1 First of all, which kind of coffee table glass, if it is the simplest one, it can be glued with glue.

2 When the above-mentioned coffee table glass is glued, it should be aligned. At the same time, be careful not to break the glass. It is more troublesome to change the surface after it is glued.

3 If it is the kind of electric coffee table glass, it will glow after power-on, it will be more troublesome to install, the installation instructions are slowly installed, and the edges are glued tightly.

4 The edge of the glass of the energized coffee table must be glued with glue, otherwise it will be easy to conduct electricity when it is energized. Although the installation of the coffee table glass is troublesome, it is more beautiful.

5 If it is a stainless steel coffee table glass, please screw it according to the instructions.

Stainless steel coffee table glass is generally firmer and more durable after installation. Most people now choose this type of coffee table.

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