Hotel fire door is normally open or normally closed

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Introduction of normally open fire doors:

  Fire doors installed on evacuation passages; fire doors leading to another fire zone in an independent fire zone; doors opened on the firewall; crowded places in high-rise public buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, schools The teaching building, the apartment building, etc.; the fire elevators of these buildings are generally used together with the passenger elevators, and the front room of the elevator front room and the smoke prevention stair room. The fire door at the junction of the combined front chamber and the evacuation passage shall be a standard normally open door.

 Introduction of normally closed fire doors:

  In order to prevent the smoke or fire in the fire through the evacuation passages and stairwells of the door personnel, to ensure the relative safety of the evacuation passages and the safe evacuation of personnel, the fire doors in these parts should be closed normally. Can be closed by itself after evacuation. The following places and parts shall be provided with normally closed fire doors: fire doors for high-rise residential buildings, pipe wells attached to the interior of the building, fire control rooms, fire pump rooms, etc., and the usual flow and logistics of these buildings and parts are Relatively fixed, the "closed" function of the normally closed fire door can be guaranteed in actual use.

 Normally closed fire doors and normally open fire doors are controlled by:

  Normally closed fire doors are generally composed of fire door fans, door frames, door closers, sealing strips, etc. Double or multiple normally closed fire doors are also equipped with sequencers. Normally closed fire doors do not need to be equipped with electric automatic control. Close with a door closer and sequencer. The normally open fire door is generally composed of a door leaf, a door frame, a door closer, a sealing strip, a release switch and the like. The automatic control principle is that the normally open fire door is controlled by a fire door release switch, and the switch is usually mounted on a wall or On the self-made bracket, the height from the ground I. About four m, usually by the fire control center control module or FMK controller output DC 24 V working voltage to the electromagnetic door suction, the fire door is kept normally open. In the event of a fire, the smoke detector or the temperature sensor transmits the detected signal to the control switch, and the DC 24 V is de-energized, so that the door is released after the electromagnetic door is de-energized, and the fire door is closed by the door closer, and the double-door fire door is closed. By controlling the left and right gates, the power-off sequence is turned off and the feedback signal is turned off. The reset of the normally open fire door must be reset by the on-site human power, and the fire door status signal will be fed back to the fire control room after reset.

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