Door maintenance

- Jul 12, 2018 -

First of all, the help network reminds you not to hang heavy objects on the door, so as not to reduce the life; when opening and closing the door leaf, do not use too much force or the opening angle is too large; when the glass is wiped, the force is not too strong, so as not to hurt the person.

Secondly, when removing the stain on the surface of the wooden door, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface with a hard cloth. If the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaner to remove the stain and then dry it. Do not rinse with water or wipe with a cloth that is too wet to prevent the door from warping.

Again, be careful not to immerse the neutral agent or the cloth with moisture on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise the surface will be immersed and the surface finish material will be discolored or peeled off.

Finally, pay attention to the corners of the wooden door, do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the edge of the paint to fall off, and when the hinges, locks and other hardware accessories are loose, it is best to ask the professional staff to carry out maintenance. When the door is opened, it sounds, indicating that there is a problem with the hardware such as the hinge.

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