coffee table

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The coffee table is generally divided into square and rectangular, and the height is equivalent to the armrest of the armchair. Usually, there is a coffee table between the two chairs for the cup and tea set, hence the name of the coffee table. The network language, the tragedy is the same as the "cup", the tragedy is due to the homonym of "tableware", which leads to the "environment of carrying tragedy (cups) and tragedy (tableware)".

The coffee table in China is the furniture that began to flourish after it entered the Qing Dynasty. From the paintings of the Ming Dynasty, at the time, the fragrant couple had the function of a coffee table. In the Qing Dynasty, the coffee table was separated from the incense and evolved into an independent new variety. Generally speaking, the coffee table is relatively short, and some are also made into two layers, which are easier to distinguish from the fragrance.

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