Classification of steel fire doors

- Jul 29, 2018 -

The steel fire door is made of steel material for the door frame, the door leaf frame and the door leaf panel. If the material is filled in the door leaf, it is filled with fire-proof and heat-insulating materials which are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and are equipped with fire-resistant hardware components to have certain fire resistance. The door to performance.


Safety facilities to prevent the spread of underground fires or building fires with fire protection requirements, are usually divided into steel and wooden fire doors.

Class A fire door with a fire resistance limit of 1.5 hours.

Class B fire door, fire resistance limit of 1.0 hours.

Class C fire door, fire resistance limit of 0.5 hours.


There are many types of fire doors, such as materials, wooden fire doors, glass fire doors, steel fire doors, etc.; according to the use of functions: access control fire doors, entry fire doors, indoor fire doors, explosion-proof fire Doors, fast-locking fire doors, quick opening fire doors, multi-functional fire doors, etc. in case of fire;

According to technology: there are electronic fire doors, etc.;

According to the installation position of the door closer: external fire door and built-in fire door.

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