Classification of security doors

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Retractable speed gate (wing gate)

Retractable speed-through door is a fast, smooth, single or bi-directional control access, automatic recovery of wings after power failure, infrared detection mainly from the anti-clamp function, at the same time, after a series of people pass through, automatically shut down, reduce mechanical consumption, increase life expectancy.

Swing gate

Swing speed gate is a kind of pedestrian passage control equipment with high safety protection level. It provides access to high-security control in both directions, effectively preventing illegal entry, trailing entry, etc.

Optical door

Barrier-free optical doors are surveillance and access control devices specifically designed to address high traffic and authentication at the entrances and exits. Different control modes can adapt to different control requirements.

Three roller gate

The bridge type three-roll gate is a limited-row access control device specifically designed to solve access control and flow control. Different control mechanisms can adapt to different access control requirements.

The vertical three-roll gate is designed specifically for the large flow of people, the need for quality, reliable operating environment, to achieve a convenient and fast identity authentication.

Revolving door

The full-height revolving door is a two-way fast-track management device designed for high-level security requirements and can be used for unattended channel management.

Swing door

The swing gate is a limited-row channel control device designed for large channel width production facilities. It has a uniform and standard external electrical interface and can be linked with identification devices such as IC cards, ID cards, bar codes, and fingerprints. The land management personnel are in an orderly manner.

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